Palm Mortuary Las Vegas

When you need cremation services, or even if you are looking for cemeteries in Las Vegas. You need to be sure you find the ideal place that will treat your newly departed loved one or family member with dignity.

Perhaps you are planning, and wish to find your final resting place, or where you feel your cremation service will do you justice. One of the best places you can find all your needs will be met is the Palms Mortuary Las Vegas funeral home. As part of the distinguished Dignity Memorial funeral service group, you will find only the best amenities in place to cover all kinds of unfortunate eventualities.

You will find some of the most beautiful views to please, that reach across to Sunrise Mountain from the best neighboring sister locations of the Downtown Palm Mortuary & Cemetery, Las Vegas, NV has to offer. Together, you will find Dignity Memorial and Palm Mortuary Las Vegas offer the finest funeral services to make your memorial and unforgettable family event. With the contemporary funeral home, offering one of the largest chapels in Las Vegas, NV, coupled with the on-site crematorium. The site is perfect and sits in the center of the serene and lush resting place that covers the 25-acre cemetery.

It doesn't matter what your funeral arrangements service is for funeral homes or your beloved. You will find the recommended location by Cremation Pros of Las Vegas is the only destination to make your final day a service that will never be forgotten.



Palm Mortuary Services

To know you are in the most capable hands, here are some of the things that help the Palm Mortuary Las Vegas stand out from the crowd. Every family member is welcome to take part in funeral service in the location of Palm Mortuary. We hold no bias, and every belief or culture is accepted as equal. Many staff on-site are also bi-lingual to accommodate those visitors of a foreign tongue.

Palm Mortuary Cremations

With numerous funeral service and cremation options, it can be challenging many to know all. In the funeral home, you can find each of these and how they can benefit you. From direct cremation with no gathering, through a full funeral service, we can explain all your choices.

Downtown Palm Cemetery

Covering 25 acres, you will find the Palm Downtown Cemetery offers a no rights reserved ideal for a family to remember their loved one. Dotted around are lush tended trees such as Queen Palms, Mondale Pines, and Live Oak. While offering a more scenic overview, they offer many shaded areas where to avoid the harsh sun.

Cremation and Burial Options

Taking a glancing stroll around the area, you can see countless cremation and available burial options. You may not need it right now, yet you will see what your choices can comprise. No matter what your choice, you can have the finest memorial where anyone can send flowers if the final resting place is on the grounds of the Palm Mortuary cemetery.  

Places of Reflection

Out of all the cemeteries Las Vegas offers, Dignity Memorial go that extra mile and have dotted around areas for reflection. The ornate water features in the Garden of Repose offers shades and the trickle of water from the fountains. The Garden of Roses houses another babbling fountain, which sits to the side of the modern cremation garden. Here you will see memorial benches, ossuaries, and columbaria. dding to this, one of the latest additions was the Garden of Dreams. It is here that you can go to remember the U.S. Civil Rights movement. It stands for more than celebrate the life of families and friends and is there to please and help educate about the struggles toward equal rights.

Amenities of Palm Mortuary Las Vegas NV

To make sure you are catered for, the list of amenities is relatively comprehensive. Please make the time to check out here what is available to you from Dignity Memorial and Palm Mortuary.


  • Ornate cremation gardens with niches
  • Several cremation-cemetery options
  • Home delivery of the deceased's ashes

Cultural and Religious

  • Kosher catering options
  • Burning of incense
  • Latin music options
  • Shomer and ritual washing available

Funeral Service

  • Carry out funeral services arrangements by phone or email
  • Funeral catering available in the large reception area
  • Outdoor funeral events catered for with full video and audio production
  • Visitations available in-home or overnight

Send flowers with flower delivery service

Location Amenities

  • Private or community mausoleums - can hold urns or caskets indoor or outdoor
  • Flexible event space for personal or business events
  • Multiple funeral chapels with 500 capacity
  • Upright headstones and custom headstones along with markers. Flat markers available in a choice of materials
  • Family estate areas that can be tailored to requirements
  • Coffee lounge
  • Piano and organ on site

What Clients Say...

“I was not sure where to take my wife to rest, and then I visited Palm Mortuary Las Vegas. I know she’ll be happy there.”

D Shepherd – Washington Square – Las Vegas

With a full complement of services and compassionate staff, you can find that the Palm funeral homes deliver the best for your loved one. Besides, if you are planning, you will see from the history, the Palm Mortuary and funeral home won't be going anywhere soon. If you wish, you can check out other reviews, although any funeral undertaken at the Palm Mortuary is done so with the utmost respect and dignity.

You may find many other funeral homes in Vegas. Yet, none is in a position to offer what Dignity offer with the Palm Mortuary brand of funeral homes and funeral services.

If you have questions or need a tour of the site, then the Palm mortuary funeral home looks forward to hearing from you to answer all your questions. If the Downtown location doesn't suit, you can also find other mortuaries under the Palm Mortuary umbrella and Dignity brand in Nevada. 

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