Average Cost of Cremation

If you have been searching for a cremation provider, then you will not find a shortage of available direct cremation services in Las Vegas. To this end, you will find the cost of cremation varying dramatically depending on your location and the levels of service.

Generally, you can find four main types of cremation services, and thus four different cost implications.

However, you will need to look into them a little more thoroughly before you decide on one of the four types because there are many ways you can cut cremation costs and save money compared to a regular funeral.

Here you will learn everything you need to know to find the cost of a cremation in Las Vegas, the right type of cremation, and how Cremation Pros of Las Vegas can assist you in planning a direct cremation if you wish to have the bare cremation possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a direct cremation in advance, or family can help you with the passing of a loved one to give them a low-cost cremation they would be proud of.


    What are the Reasons for Cremation Popularity in Las Vegas, NV?

    • Opting for an affordable funeral service with cremation means increased flexibility in burying the deceased.
    • You do not worry or rush to gather everyone. After the cremation, you can plan a funeral service with the cremated remains in a place and at a time, which is convenient.
    • Affordable cremation services are environmentally friendly choices. You won’t be using any harmful chemicals or plastics that are commonly associated with the embalming process.
    • Low-cost cremation reduces waste, as there is no requirement for a casket. Aside from this, you won’t need space in the local Las Vegas, NV cemetery or funeral home gardens for a traditional funeral. As an aside, there is no need for ground maintenance after the funeral.
    • Direct Cremation services offer families more options to cater to the needs of their loved one compared to a regular funeral.

    While these are benefits, you can also see here why a cremation funeral service is gaining popularity.

    • More religions are accepting cremation
    • Other countries often influence a burial funeral, and now such countries have around 70% cremation funerals.
    • There is more focus on caring for the earth and preserving the land
    • Families can find it less stressful to organize a cremation funeral
    • Cremation services offer more for memorialization compared to a graveside burial and funeral memorial
    • Cremation cost of an affordable direct cremation funeral are much less than those for a traditional burial and memorial

    What Types of Cremation Urns are There?

    Because you don’t have a burial with a funeral home low-cost cremation, the chances are you may be keeping the ashes in an urn. While many individuals wish to have their ashes spread, if there are no requests, then the family may select an urn and keep the ashes at home.

    Here are the main types of urns you can find for use after the funeral homes have gathered together all the cremated remains.

    You can find the cost from around $50 up to $1,000, but it will depend on the style. One thing you will notice is that they are far cheaper than a casket that usually goes with a conventional funeral. Your choice of a funeral home can help you decide as they may have a select range for you to choosefrom.

    Cremation Boxes

    When you feel your loved one will want to preserve your ashes in their home, then a cremation box will be the appropriate solution. Such decorative wooden boxes are made to preserve ashes for extended periods. These boxes substitute traditional vase urns, and the prices depend on their size and complexity. You can estimate that you may have to pay $50 to $300 on average or more for a direct cremation box.

    Jewelry & Mementos

    There are a lot of companies nowadays which can take part of your loved ones’ ashes and create a piece of jewelry such as a necklace or ring. The possibilities are many and unique, including the mixing of a percentage of your ashes together with clay, paint, or ink in order to make a figure or artwork.Cost of cremations jewelry, sculptures, or works of art will vary by the artist and what you wish to be made.

    Companion Urns

    Such urns are somewhat larger in size since they contain ashes of two individuals. For instance, you can use it to hold a married couple’s ashes.

    You can expect the cost to be $150 to $500 on average or more to have a companion urn.


    In case you are ecologically aware, a biodegradable urn may be the ideal solution for you. You can choose from water urns, which dissolve in water, and a biodegradable urn made out of natural materials, which will naturally biodegrade in the earth. Costs for cremation urns of this types range from $70 to $300 or more.

    What Types of Cremation Are There?

    You can find four types of cremation, although the fourth is to donate the body to science. If you go by this route, the family will receive a letter to say how grateful the organization is for the donation, and they will forward the remains of your loved one when they are no longer required.

    With this, there is no cost to be borne by the family. The funeral homes charges are covered, and the cost of a cremation service will be zero. Maybe an urn is the only thing a family may require the services of a funeral home if they can’t find one anywhere else.

    The organization will shoulder the full cost for cremation and the funeral homes interaction as the processing of the death certificate. If you wish to hold a cremation service or want the ashes placed in a funeral homes gardens, you will need to do this after the event once you receive the ashes.

    If you make use of such gardens, you may find your average cost of a cremation rises a little because of the funeral homes charges.

    Conventional Funeral Cremation

    As a rule, the most lavish cremation funeral with all the amenities that traditional funeral ceremonies and cremation have to offer, with embalming (if necessary) and...

    Memorial Service and Cremation

    On average, you may find this the second most expensive cremation service, since the costs for this type of cremation can average between...

    Direct Cremation

    The cheapest way to pay for cremation is to use an inexpensive cremation called direct cremation. A direct cremation is when you ask only to be cremated, and no funeral or memorial service is...

    Why Do Families Choose Cremation

    You can find many reasons families are now turning to cremation rather than a conventional funeral.

    One reason often overlooked is that families tend to spread themselves out, and should one family member pass away, it can be a long haul to get them back to Las Vegas for a funeral.

    There wouldn’t be much choice but to go through embalming, so costs automatically rise to extortionate amounts. Direct cremation eliminates the need for any of this unless there are circumstances where there is a delay of the cremation.

    Here you can find the main reasons families or individuals seek direct cremation from their funeral home along with cremation in general.

    Cremation Enable You Not to Follow the Crowd

    Although family-related and other religious traditions remain significant for people, the overall tendency is to transcend traditionalism or to distance oneself from tradition in order to uphold tradition. Families instead opt to celebrate the individual in a personal and unique way. A direct cremation provides family members with the flexibility to arrange a memorial and ceremony, which is unique. The scattering of ashes is a favorite option, which can be performed in various ways according to the wishes of the deceased.

    The places to spread ashes are endless, and it only comes to the imagination of the deceased of where to carry out this memorial. The decision to do so is primarily based on the wishes of the deceased. It is also possible to come from family members who would like to bring their loved one into a place they loved while alive.

    What Clients Say...

    “I was surprised there was so much to know. I was happy to use Cremation Pros of Las Vegas, because they saved me a ton of work in the end.”

    J. H Christian – Las Vegas

    Simplified Process

    Much of the hard work with a direct cremation can be done with the help of professionals, such as Cremation Pros of Las Vegas. The professionals here can deal with the funeral home and make sure all the documentation is complete such as the death certificate.

    A grieving family can get away without doing hardly any work, depending on the type of cremation they are undertaking. It is thanks to these firms and the direct cremation that can save families a lot of worry and hassle of the cremation cost and dealing with the funeral homes. Here you can find the average cost of a cremation in the United States.


    Burial Costs vs. Cremation

    By now, you should understand that a conventional burial services has the most cost and far outweighs a direct cremation, so it is the most expensive final disposition.

    Here are a few examples of the difference in price to make you aware how the cost of cremation compares with or without funeral homes services in the equation. You will see that direct cremation costs are considerably lower than a burial service.

    • $1,500 – Grave marker or for a headstone to sit next to the grave
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    • $1,500 - Body preparation for viewing. If you are to use an open casket, the cost will rise,as you need a stylist to make the deceased look presentable for the viewing service. Cremation does require a service of this kind
    • $1,500 – Fees for the funeral director, and comprises all the facility staff, death certificates and other document to be processed before the cremation. A direct cremation doesn’t need such services and you can deal directly with the crematory with the help of Cremation Pros of Las Vegas.
    • $2,400 - $10,000 – Casket cost is astronomical and make a massive difference between a burial and a direct cremation where no casket is required. This alone makes a Las Vegas  cremation service a viable option.
    • $2,500 – The site of the grave. You find this comprises the gravesite plot, the digging of the hole and the grave liner. With your direct cremation, none of this is required.

    While there can be a lot to take in, it is easy to find the right help to keep your direct cremation cost down to a minimum. Once you speak to the professionals, you can find you may also cut these even more with help from the SSA and Social Security Survivors benefits