Why Cremation


For many hundreds, or thousands of years, there have been debates on whether or not; individuals should be cremated or buried. You can find vast numbers of different religious groups, who are against the incineration and pulverization of bones into ashes, or cremated remains.

However, all across the world, there are more people choosing cremation as their final act. Such is the growing popularity; now there is around 50% of all deaths in the United States resulting in cremation.

One of the most significant changes being that nowadays, many more individuals understand the difference between final disposition and memorialization. The way these differ is that final disposition will be the ultimate result.

At one stage, the final disposition was what people used to remember the deceased. In addition, the thought of cremation resulted in them thinking of ashes being their last mental image of that particular individual.

Changes now happen as memorialization can happen with any person’s remains, regardless of the stage of a person’s demise. Now, memorialization is used to remember and honor the life of the deceased, irrespective of how they find their final resting place.


    Reasons for Choosing Cremation

    With the above reasons out of the way and causing conflict, we can see here some of the reasons why more individuals are turning toward cremation.

    • Most religions are now accepting cremation as a viable option
    • There is an increase in the acceptance of cremation in the US culture
    • Burials traditions are influenced by other countries where numbers of 70% and above are cremations
    • More onus is placed on land preservation and not taking up cemetery space
    • More education leads to higher levels of cremation
    • Cremation services offer more for the memorialization in comparison to a burial and graveside service
    • Consumers can find the entire process much more comfortable and less stressful
    • Costs for cremation are far cheaper than more traditional burials

    The reasons above are only a handful of why more people are choosing cremation over burial. Some individuals even use body donation for medical research to cut the costs of a cremation altogether. However, there are still numbers of people who are against the medical testing sides of things.

    With the above list of reasons, here you can find a more in-depth explanation of the top reasons that cremation is becoming increasingly popular.

    Lower Costs for Las Vegas, NC Cremation

    When you compare the costs of cremation vs. burial, you can see the prices can average around 40-50% less. Many of these savings are down to that you don’t need a grave or headstone to match. Besides, there is no need for any embalming or caskets, and a cremation urn will be a far cheaper option.

    Simplified & Flexible Process

    Once you compare all the work that goes on to plan a funeral compared to a cremation, you can cut down the work and effort by a large degree. You do not need caskets, viewings, or pallbearers to carry the coffin to the grave.

    The professionals at Cremation Pros of Las Vegas can conduct most of the work on your behalf when arranging a cremation. When you come to look at any transport, you can find significant savings when transporting an urn rather than a casket. Family members can keep urns at home until any scattering ceremony is arranged.

    More Personal and Less Traditional

    Even while family and religious traditions remain important to people, an overall tendency has been to move beyond traditionalism, or from tradition for the sake of being traditional.
    Instead, families choose to celebrate individuals individually in a personal and unique way. A cremation affords loved ones the flexibility to customize a memorial and arrangement that are unique.
    Scattering of ashes is a popular choice, which can be accomplished in many ways depending on the wishes of the deceased, or how family members saw them.
    It is possible to arrange ashes scattering at sea, from cliff tops, in their backyard or to have them planted along with a memorial tree. Much of the decision comes from the wishes of the deceased. They can also stem from family members; who want to see their loved one go to somewhere they loved during their life.

    What Clients Say...

    “When I finally saw my mother pass away, I needed some assistance. It was soon after I found Cremation Pros of Las Vegas, and they helped me fulfill all my mom’s final wishes.”

    V Price – Summerlin South

    Concerns over the Environment

    Many people today take more thought over their impact on the world, and in death, they can still do something to reduce their impact. Burials eat up space, and this space is becoming ever more valuable. In addition, bodies may be embalmed, which uses copious amounts of harmful chemicals.

    Even though cremation has a negative impact on global emissions, these are short-lived, and once the cremation has ended, there is no more impact.

    No matter what you choose, Cremation Pros of Las Vegas are there to help you through every step of the process.

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